Since 2011, the Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of MN has sponsored an AmeriCorps VISTA program. In 2016, we wrapped up the Phillips Sectoral Employement Initiative VISTA Program (PSEI) and launched C3 Twin Cities. Over the years, alumni engagement has become an important aspect of our work— while our commitment to staying engaged with alumni remains solid, our goals and strategies have shifted from year to year. With the development of C3 Twin Cities, we felt that revisiting our alumni engagement strategy was vital.

We approached Jess to help us think through some key questions: are we being effective through our current strategy? Are there areas for improvement? How can we make this a more meaningful experience for both alumni and current members?

Jess was a great partner to work with for a number of reasons–the most obvious being she herself is a PSEI alumna. But, more importantly Jess has a way of reflecting back information like a mirror. She facilitates the emergence of your own ideas and knowledge, and presents it in a way that is easily digested and understood. She is great at following up on her tasks in a timely manner and often goes above and beyond the service that you might be looking for. Her approach is asset based and she brings a certain level of empathy to her work which allows you as a client to consider multiple perspectives in your planning work.

E. Coco, Program Manager, Jay & Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota